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Digital Champion or Digital Newcomer?

Digital Champion or Digital Newcomer?

Study on digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria – 2017

Together with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Hutchison Drei Austria and the Head of the Institute for SMEs of Vienna University of Economics and Business, Arthur D. Little assessed the status of digital transformation across seven industries in Austria.

The results show:

  • The majority of the SMEs are digital newcomers or digital aware, and there is clear potential for development
  • Winning new clients is seen as the largest opportunity of digitalization
  • Lacking know-how and missing information on digital transformation are key challenges
  • SMEs need to invest in digital communication channels and innovative solutions to increase their reach
  • SMEs ask for dedicated support and consulting on how to successfully transform

Austria’s SMEs need to think digitally to successfully become digital champions – digital awareness is a first step towards digital transformation.

Datum: September 2017

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