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Energy hand in hand with telco

Energy hand in hand with telco

Is a wave of merging electric utility and telco assets imminent?

Liberalization of telco and energy sectors incentivized traditional telco and energy companies to look for new revenue sources beyond their traditional business scope. Telco companies have started to sell energy, gas and heat while energy companies often offer telco services.

Simultaneously, we experienced fast development of internet and related services. Nowadays, broadband internet connection is an essential part of infrastructure and precondition for prosperity even in developing countries. Therefore, in multiple countries governments, both legislatively and financially, support providing households with broadband internet connection. Given the support, energy and telco companies in many countries cooperate with government, municipalities and regulators on deployment of next generation telco infrastructure. All in order to secure cost efficient network construction while avoiding any competition disrupting measures.

Datum: August 2017

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