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The Breakthrough Incubator

How to rapidly create and launch a new step-out business

Consumer goods & retail, Public services, Technology & innovation management

The Breakthrough Incubator - how to create and rapidly launch new step-out businesses

Consumer goods & retail

Food & Beverage in Spain

Consumer shifts will unlock further growth

Consumer goods & retail

The Future of Agri-Food

Consumer goods & retail, Technology & innovation management

Feed the Lion

FMCG Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

Consumer goods & retail

Worldclass Purchasing

Central results from the "Purchasing Value Excellence" (PVE) study

Consumer goods & retail, Operations management

Procurement Performance Measurement

What CFOs expect from measuring Procurement Success

Consumer goods & retail, Operations management

U-Channel Retail – Update Fall 2013

Transformation of the retail function toward a new model that is Ubiquitous, Universal and Unique

Consumer goods & retail

WOWing Customer Service Strategies

Key Success Factors to Design and Implement Service Excellence

Consumer goods & retail, Strategy

R&D needs in the food and drink industry

Consumer goods & retail