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Nuclear failures

Risks, uncertainties and future potential

Utilities & alternative energy

Future of batteries

Winner takes all?

Utilities & alternative energy

Saudi Arabia: World leader in solar power?

Can KSA meet >50% of its electricity demand through solar?

Utilities & alternative energy

Virtual Power Plants – At the heart of the energy transition

Increased competition and ongoing consolidation: A survival game for aggregators? Opportunities for utilities and investors?

Utilities & alternative energy, Strategy, Organization & transformation

Electric vehicles and electric utilities

A clear opportunity with many shapes

Automotive, Utilities & alternative energy

Who dares to take the “monkey” on their shoulder?

Why energy companies struggle to make decisions, and what they can do about it

Utilities & alternative energy, Organization & transformation

In praise of perpetuity

National oil companies manifesto

Utilities & alternative energy

Energy hand in hand with telco

Is a wave of merging electric utility and telco assets imminent?

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Utilities & alternative energy

Utilities’ contribution to national fiber development

How utilities and telecom operators can cooperate to accelerate fiber deployment

Utilities & alternative energy

Output-based regulation

Fields of innovation for energy-grid operators?

Utilities & alternative energy